Welcome to my site.

I have chosen to make my first writeup on this site be the reasons why I created this website itself

I created this site reasons which are:-

* Educating:- I created this site in order to help my self and others get educated, when I say education I am not talking of physics, English, alone. I am also talking about educating about major world events (e.g democracy, religion, politics, news, etc.)

* Religion:- The main purpose of creating this site is to preach to people the true religion of God, and also to remove misconceptions about islam(and tell people that islam is a religion of truth, tolerance, equity, unity and humanity) which every muslim should also participate in.

* Helping The Helpless:- I also created this site to help people who can’t help themselves(in which I am among) against tyrants and oppressors like those that are been oppressed in the middle east, and also help promote the business or works of people[(either free or not) but due to the fact that am just starting, this might not be useful enough].

I request from anyone that could see some importance of this site, to help me invite people.
My aim is to make myself and every other person alive be a better person, so that we can make this world a better place, and In Sha Allah, I will achieve my aim.

Your comments, advice or questions are welcomed and In Sha Allah, I will try with the best of my ability to work on it.

Thanks and enjoy your stay on this site..