As you might have known that, to succeed in this life and the hereafter, you have to be moderate in using your time..
Here are some few steps (given by one of the member of STANDARD BEARERS ISLAMIC ORGANISATION in Nigeria, in person of brother Muthohir Abdulhamid) to help you do just that.
Here are the few list:-
1. Work with daily timetable
2. Allot time for activities such as reading or listening to Qur’an and radio and others (accepted in islam).
3. Be moderate in watching television.
4. Allocate time for physical exercise.
5. Set time for everything you want to do.
6. Perform many good deeds as possible.
7. Know “the importance of time in the life of a muslim” (written by Dr. YUSUF QARADAWI).
8. Evaluate your deeds before going to bed.
9. Let others benefit from your time.
10. Be certain of death and that one will be held accountable on the use of time.
11. Call people to islam in your working place.
12. Spend useful time with the family
13. Be discipline in keeping promises.
14. Be desirous about the time of your brother so that you do not waste it unnecessarily..

These are just the few among all practical means towards been concious of time.
May Allah make it easy. For Us. (Ameen).